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Investment Management

Key Investment Benefits

*Feel secure in your investment, with guaranteed returns at maturity
*Get 1.2% compound interest per month or 14.4% per annum
*You will also get access to loans, if you didn't qualify before
*We will keep you updated every 3 months on your credit record and credit score
*We'll let you know exactly why you are being declined for loans and credit by other companies
*We will aslo help you clean up your credit record and increase your credit score
*Get a copy of your credit record with your credit score upon request

Financial Planning

*You want to lock your investment away at a fixed rate of interest
*You're seeking guaranteed returns over a fixed term
*You have at least $10000 up to any amount to invest


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Manager / Hagen Software

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Patricia Watson

Marketing / GeeksChip - Digital Marketing Agency

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